Local Rodent Exterminators for the Control of Rodents

Rats are one of the most disturbing pests anyone can have, whether at home or in a commercial space. Their actions and activities cause great fear for many and may expose residents to health problems. Rats can introduce a wide array of health-compromising pathogens into one’s space just by gaining entry into the home or business. You need to contact a reliable and successful rat exterminator to protect yourself from this problem. At Pelican Pest Control, we have a reputation for being the leading rodent exterminator in Baton Rouge. We are happy to come to your home or business to take a look at the problem.

Rodents are hardy and have the advantage of being able to thrive in any condition. Their determination to get into your home or business in some seasons becomes threatening. Leaving cracks unattended or doors and windows open can introduce them into your living space.

Rodents like rats commonly find dark areas in the home or business to establish themselves. While there, they migrate across the home or business, searching for food, leaving a trail of destruction and pathogens in their path. Leaving rodents unattended can cause more problems, especially because of how fast their population grows.

Whether you are dealing with a few of them or you are in-between an infestation, you need a rat and mice exterminator that knows how best to address the problem. Contact us at Pelican Pest Control for help. Our rat and mouse exterminator near me will come to you as fast as possible to assess the situation. We know how to detect rodent problems and how to trace them to their hideout. We will also design an effective extermination program that will get rid of the problem and keep you safe and healthy.

Have you been unable to sleep due to rodent activities in your home? Are you facing growing destructive behavior due to rodent infestation? Contact Pelican Pest Control today!

Get the best rodent control services

You need the best rodent control service you can get when dealing with rodent problems in your home or business. Leaving the problem to grow not only exposes you to health risks but also poses other dangers. Rodents, through their activities, can cause structural damages, destroy your home’s aesthetics and appliances, and cost you more money in repairs and cleanup.

Our team at Pelican Pest Control helps you prevent this by offering tested and effective rodent control solutions. We will design effective rat pest control services for you and make sure that your home or business is free from this problem at the end of our service.

If you are worried about rat exterminator cost, our prices are some of the most competitive in town. Contact Pelican Pest Control today!

Safe and effective Mice control services

Are you dealing with a mice problem at home? Do you need a mice exterminator to rid you of the problem? Contact us at Pelican Pest Control. Our exterminators are happy to come to you, discuss the problem, inspect your space, and determine the best line of action. Our mice control services are perfectly designed to keep your home and business free from these pests. We will also investigate the point of entry to prevent recurrent problems.

Need a local exterminator that offers reliable rodent control services in New Orleans and other locations in lower Louisiana? Call us today!

FAQ about Rodent Control Treatments

You should call a rat exterminator immediately if you catch sight of a rat in your personal space. Addressing a lone rat or mouse problem as fast as possible can save you from an infestation. Quick action can also save you from health problems and expensive repairs due to the destructive activities of rodents.
Rat exterminators are trained professionals who have studied the life and action of rats and other rodents. You can expect us to inspect your property for the common signs of a rat problem, determine the size of your rat problem, and structure a control process that’ll get rid of the problem. Our rat control company can also help identify rat and mouse entryways so you can block them to prevent recurring problems.
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