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Most pests are highly evolved creatures that can adapt to almost every environment. Due to their adaptive nature, they can feed on various things in and around your house, invading even the most private places. And for this exact reason, they can be tough to eliminate. Pelican Pest Control has a team of experienced personnel ready to assist you in fighting any pest that may have infested your home. We act fast and use eco-friendly and humane ways to eliminate the pests from your home. Contact us today , and we will advise you on the best pest control practices.

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Our Pest Control Services

Our diversity is one of our most significant selling points. We are a pest control company in Baton Rouge LA that works tirelessly to create customized programs to help you properly eradicate all pests in your home. 

Ant Control and Prevention

Ants are destructive little creatures that can destroy a lot of property in a short amount of time. There is strength in their numbers as they can invade your property, destroying its structural integrity with ease. Most ants have an irritating bite, sting, or both. Even though their bite or sting may not be fatal most of the time, you can still have a severe allergic reaction. Ants can raid your food with devastating effects contaminating it while ruining your cabinets. Carpenter ants in specific can be very destructive. They do not feed on wood but can grind any wooden object in your home to dust. With our years of experience in ant control, we will inspect your premise before selecting the most appropriate way to combat pest infestation.

Mosquito Abatement

Mosquitoes are perhaps one of the most dangerous pests. These tiny creatures that feed on blood are disease vectors that have led to millions of deaths. They are also irritating and have painful, itchy bites. Because they are flying insects, mosquito control can be difficult due to how quickly they spread. We will first spray any foliage around your home, which are hiding spots for adult mosquitoes. We will then follow that up by treating any standing water in and around your property, eliminating their breeding grounds. Finally, we can stop all mosquito control stages: the eggs, the larvae, and adults.

Termite Control

Termites cause millions of dollars in property damage each year. Depending on the species, they can attack dry or dump wood and, in the case of subterranean termites, both. Just so that you understand how extensive termite damage can be, most home insurance companies do not cover it. At the same time, many lenders expect you to have a termite inspection done before processing your mortgage.

We will first inspect the species and the extent of the termite invasion before suggesting the best course of action. We offer two termite treatment solutions: liquid treatment and bait treatment. These methods are highly effective, but we always follow up to eradicate the termites.

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The Pelican Promise

When you contact Pelican Pest Control, you will get the satisfaction guarantee! We don’t just treat for the pests, we ensure that they stay away! All of our products are EPA approved, as well as pet and kid-friendly. Our team members will contact you before we head to your house…experience the PELICAN PEST CONTROL GUARANTEE!

Some of the other pests we can help you eradicate


Rodents like rats can contaminate your food and are also disease vectors, making them dangerous to your health. They can also destroy property and make you uncomfortable in your own home.

Bedbugs, fleas, and ticks

These are pests that cause irritation to your skin and are also disease vectors. Eliminating bedbugs can be very tricky as they can hide on the furniture or bed’s wooden frame.


Trustworthy commercial and residential Wasp and Hornet Exterminators to deal with your pest infestations. Our wasp control services are sure to quickly address your infestation problem and leave you satisfied in the end. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve come across wasps or nests around your building.


Animals like raccoons can easily invade your property; we will work with conservation agencies to relocate them in the most humane way possible.

Our satisfied clients

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E TuebnerE Tuebner
00:37 14 Feb 22
They come quarterly to spray for all sorts of insects. They are always very friendly and flexible with the scheduling of the service. I love using Pelican Pest Control.
charell speightcharell speight
01:43 13 Feb 22
Best customer service I've experienced in a long time. I feel valued as a customer. AND by the way, if you have a bug issue, they're on it! I'd recommend them to anyone who asked.
Lauren AndrewsLauren Andrews
19:06 10 Nov 21
I had a big problem I had never had before, and even talking with them put my mind at ease. Super friendly and knowledgeable. I have not had a single problem since and it’s been months. I highly recommend Pelican Pest Control!!
Bethany McIlwainBethany McIlwain
18:15 28 Oct 21
We found ants in our home in the bathrooms and our daughters room. We called Pelican Pest Control and they had a technician out the next day! Our technician, Anne, did one of the most thorough spraying jobs our home has ever had. She also placed ant traps in prime locations. She explained everything she was doing and was very kind and professional.I highly recommend this company. We will be using them for our future pest control needs!
Christen AllenChristen Allen
23:39 01 Sep 21
They are always on time and professional and fast! The prices are reasonable. We haven’t seen a mouse since we have been serviced by Pelican! Usually Anne services our home- the last time a very nice gentleman came and serviced the bait stations. He was professional and friendly. Thank you Pelican!

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