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Ahh the experience of living In New Orleans! New Orleans is truly unlike any other place on earth, and there is a lot to love about living here. We have some of the best food on the planet! The Creole and Cajun food like gumbo, jambalaya, and Po-boys are unrivaled! There is much to see and learn In New Orleans. You can spend several days visiting The National World War 2 Museum, Jackson Square and The French Quarter. Once you experience Mardi Gras with its floats, masks, and music it will be the one party each year that you don’t want to miss.

Living In New Orleans also comes with some challenges. With the high humidity, warm weather and year round rain it creates a perfect breeding ground for pests to breed and thrive. When you encounter pest infestation in your home or business in New Orleans it can be stressful. At Pelican Pest Control, we offer New Orleans pest control and termite control services that will allow you to rest easy!

At Pelican Pest Control in New Orleans, LA, we provide clients with a wide variety of pest control services. From termites and ants to cockroaches and spiders alike – the team at our residential or commercial business is here for you. With over 40 years combined experience fighting pests throughout the New Orleans area locally owned by us, there’s no bug too big!

Termite Control

New Orleans is home to some of the highest termite pressure in the nation, and having an annual termite inspection and frequent termite treatments are not optional! Don’t let these “silent destroyers” chew through your property’s wood, flooring, or attic! We offer both termite baiting systems as well as Termidor liquid treatments. Let the professionals at Pelican Pest Control protect your largest and most important asset. Give us a call and schedule your free termite Inspection.


Mosquito Control

Have you been covered in mosquito bites lately? Are you losing the battle with mosquitos and are they taking over your yard? Can you children play outside without being eaten up by these tiny pests? We know how annoying mosquitoes can be. After a long stressful day you just want to enjoy your family and spend some time in your yard. Make sure that mosquitos have not invaded your property, and call a professional company like Pelican Pest Control, we offer same day and next day service and we are happy to help!


Ant Control

Are you seeing ants in your kitchen or bathroom? Is the stuff you bought at the store not getting to the root of the issues? Ants are not easy to control! It starts out with just a few and overnight it can turn into thousands! Ants can slip into our homes through tiny cracks in the foundation, weep holes or even through the electrical outlet in the walls. At Pelican Pest Control our professional pest control specialists can help. We will have the ants banished for good before you know it!


Rodent Control

Have you seen a rat scurry across the floor? Are you seeing rodent droppings under your sink, behind your fridge or under your cabinets? Do you hear odd sounds in your walls and attic like gnawing at night? Rodents spread harmful diseases and can cause significant damage to our lives when they go unchecked. They also repopulate exponentially so while it might start out with just one or two, they can quickly turn into dozens and dozens. Luckily for you we have rodent experts on staff and Pelican Pest Control and we are eager to help. Give us a call today!


Flea Control

Fleas are the worst! Not only do they cause constant discomfort and itching for your pest they also suck their blood for over 2 hours. The worst part about fleas is the adult population makes up only about 5% of the infestation so if you are seeing a few that means that there are thousands of eggs that are waiting to hatch. Keep your pets safe, and call a pest control specialist like Pelican Pest Control as soon as you notice a flea problem!


Bed Bug Control

Are you or your children waking up with bites and you cannot figure out where they are coming from? Have you traveled recently or have you had relatives come to visit? Are you seeing apple seed sized bugs along your mattress, box springs, or headboard? Bed bugs are very difficult to eliminate so the sooner you can successfully identify them the better! At Pelican Pest Control, we can help to ensure there are no creepy crawlers in your bed when you lay your head to rest each night. Give us a call today!


Wasp Control

Is there an unnerving number of wasps in or around your property? Minimize future stings, and give our office a call today.


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Pelican Pest Control is here to provide our New Orleans, Louisiana pest control services. We are fellow Louisianians and know how difficult it can be when your house in New Orleans has pests or other problems that need fixing promptly. With Pelican Pest Control you have a trusted company on the job for pest removal service near you! With our New Orleans, LA pest control services, your satisfaction is always guaranteed because we know that the experts at Pelican Pest Control will work diligently and use best practices to help you get rid of any pests. After all, customer service has been what Pelican Pest Control was founded on! If there’s a pesky infestation in need of expert removal- contact us for affordable rates as well as reliable solutions.