Mosquito Exterminator for the Prevention and Control of Mosquitos

Mosquitoes are not just irritating; they are also disease vectors. Many experts place them as one of the most dangerous pests as they can spread over a dozen different diseases depending on the species. These flying nuisances are highly adaptable and can be found in most parts of the US. The silver lining is that they enjoy warm wet environments, which makes mosquito control in Baton Rouge easier.
The bad news is that since they are insects, they go through three stages of development; the egg, the larvae, and the adult. Each stage may need a different type of mosquito control process, and in most cases, you need to eradicate all these stages to ensure that you have fully gotten rid of them. At Pelican Pest Control, we understand how dangerous these pests can be and have a two-step process to ensure that we fully eradicate them, giving you a healthier, happier environment. 

Get the best mosquito eradication process with Pelican Pest Control

At Pelican Pest Control, we believe in healthy, comfortable homes free of mosquitoes and other pests. Due to how difficult mosquito control in New Orleans is, we employ a two-step process to ensure that all mosquito stages are eradicated.

Inspection is usually our first step and helps determine the mosquito species, where the adults, larvae, and mosquito eggs are located. This helps us decide on our first course of action and the best way to approach the situation.

Mosquitoes are very intelligent creatures; as a result, their hiding places need to be eradicated first. We start with a mosquito fogger and spray all the foliage around your home. The treatment ensures that the mosquitoes have nowhere to hide, killing them and evicting the strugglers. We follow this up by using biodegradable, environmentally safe products on any standing water in your vicinity. This is usually one of the most delicate steps as it helps eliminate the larvae and the eggs. Mosquito eggs can remain viable in water for a long time, and using this chemical with its long-lasting effect ensures that all the eggs are eradicated. Furthermore, the chemical also ensures that no adult mosquitoes lay additional eggs in the water.

As we have mentioned, mosquitoes are highly adaptable and intelligent, making the follow-up step more important. Furthermore, they are flying insects meaning they can encroach on your property quickly. That is why we offer a monthly program to ensure that the mosquito population is kept at bay all year round.

Why Are Mosquitoes So Dangerous?

Disease vector

There are many mosquito species, and sadly most of them spread some kind of disease. Many of these diseases, such as malaria and Zika, can be fatal. At the same time, the mosquitoes’ ability to fly can lead to the disease spreading across a large area in a short amount of time.


There are few things as irritating and distinct as a mosquito flying close to your ear. These pests detect heat, and since your ears are made of mainly cartilage and blood, their heat-detecting abilities are quickly attracted to your ears. Their buzzing sound can make even the best of us uneasy and uncomfortable.

Itchy bites

Even if you are bitten by a mosquito species that do not spread any diseases, one thing you can be sure of is that you will be left with an itchy bite. At the very least, you will be left itching and scratching, making you uncomfortable and uneasy. But for some, it is a lot worse as they may have an allergic reaction that could worsen the situation.


Most mosquitoes suck blood as their source of nourishment. That means they are not just biting you and leaving you with an itchy skin bump; they are consuming your blood.

Most live in swarms

It is not often you just see one mosquito; in most cases, they attack you relentlessly in drowns. This means that you will most likely receive multiple bites, which leaves you with numerous itchy sores and a higher chance of contracting a disease.

Ways to reduce mosquitoes on your property

Unlike termites and ants, which are mostly crawling creatures, all mosquitoes can fly. This makes controlling them that much more difficult. Your best bet is mosquito prevention before they fully inhabit your property.

Clear nearby bushes: Mosquitoes love hiding in lush vegetation. It offers them cover and protection. They are also highly intelligent and quickly dart into darkness anytime you try and swat them. Clearing these shrubs and branches reduces their cover and will force them to relocate, making it a good start for mosquito abatement.

Remove stagnant water: Standing water is often the breeding ground for most mosquito species. Adult female mosquitoes will often lay their eggs in stagnant water close to their food; in this case, you pour or cover any water reservoirs to ensure they do not have a breeding ground close to you. You can also cover the stagnant water with a layer of oil which will suffocate the eggs and the larvae while preventing the adult mosquitoes from laying any more eggs.

Use mosquito repellent anytime you are in a mosquito-infested area. While this may be a good solution when you go fishing or camping, it may not be a viable option to protect yourself from mosquitoes at your home. However, their sensitive sense of smell makes these pests avoid strong odors, which can be a viable option for you. 

Why work with Pelican Pest Control?

Free inspection: we offer a free inspection to accurately deduce what we are dealing with. This way, we can approach mosquito prevention with the appropriate equipment and treatment.

Affordable monthly plans: mosquitoes’ population can grow quickly; we offer affordable monthly plans especially ideal for the hot months when mosquito prevalence is high. This helps keep their numbers down, creating a disease-free environment.

Eco-friendly treatment: We primarily use spraying as the mode of mosquito elimination as they are flying insects. But all the same, we ensure we use only eco-friendly chemicals that are both kid and pet-friendly.

Do you have a lot of foliage on your property attracting swarms of mosquitoes? Do you constantly have to do DIY mosquito abatement procedures? We can help! Contact Pelican Pest Control today to break down our services. 

FAQ about Mosquito Control Treatments

Since mosquitoes are flying insects, spraying is one of the most effective control methods. The spray can have some side effects, and it is usually best to wait for it to dry before going outside. Consider the humidity and the temperature first. But in most cases, it is safe to go outside after 20 to 30 minutes after spraying.
Mosquito species’ lifespans vary, but the Culex pipiens, which is the most common species, live for about seven days. Their short lives make them highly adaptable as they can pass new survival instincts and traits to their offspring, making mosquito control difficult without proper direction.
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