Get The Most Affordable Pest Control Services In Metairie, LA

You cannot ignore pest problems in hopes that they’ll disappear. If anything, leaving pest problems unattended can compromise your health and damage your property. You need proven and effective pest control services from trusted local pest exterminators like Pelican Pest Control.

Our pest control services are rightly priced just for your pocket. We keep our prices balanced while delivering premium quality pest extermination services to restore your home or business peace and calm. Dealing with pest problems at home? Having sleepless nights due to pest activities in your home? Contact us today!

We deliver quick and effective pest control services to each customer. Our pest control experts will schedule the most convenient time for you to show up. They’ll inspect your property and design appropriate pest control measures for you and your property. Get started by contacting us today!

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Let Our Certified Pest Inspection Team Take Care Of Your Pest Problems!

Our Pest Control Services

Rodents Control

Rats, mice, raccoons, and other rodents can be highly destructive. Leaving these rodents in your home or your property can also expose you to health concerns. Save yourself from health problems and expensive repairs by calling us today!

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are one of the biggest causes of human death. These pests transmit malaria-causing pathogens into the bloodstream. Get rid of mosquito problems before they put you down. Our mosquito pest control experts in Metairie can help.

Termite Control

Termites live in colonies and attack wood and wooden structures. When left unattended or undetected, they can compromise your property’s structural integrity, thus putting your safety and health at risk. Pelican Pest Control can help you stop this problem before it begins or grows.

Exterminators Serving the Metairie, LA

Looking for a pest control company that you can trust in Metairie, LA? Pelican Pest Control is the answer. We have provided pest control services in this community and the surrounding areas for years. We understand how destructive pests can be, and that is why we offer services like Metairie Rodent control to keep your home and business safe. We also have experienced termite exterminator in Metairie to address all termite problems affecting your wooden structures.

Our ant exterminator in Metairie helps homes and businesses meet and maintain health standards by getting ants away from their kitchens and homes. Need a pest control company that offers peace of mind and affordable services? Get in touch with us at Pelican Pest Control.

Why should you work with Pelican Pest Control

Our customers love us and our services because;

  • Guaranteed Or We Come Back For Free
  • Free Inspections
  • Affordable Monthly Plans
  • EPA Approved Products
  • Pet and Kid-Friendly Products
  • Convenience 2-Hour Arrival Window

Free online consultation

We Serve the Metairie and nearby Areas

Pelican Pest Control spreads its services to Metairie and the surrounding areas, including:

You can also call us or contact us online rendering the trip to us unnecessary.

Pelican Pest Control

Metairie, LA
M – F: 8 AM – 17 PM

We offer long-lasting solutions to pest problems in the Metairie, LA area.

Metairie, LA Pest Control Service Company You Can Depend On

Our trained, licensed, and insured pest control professionals at Pelican Pest Control offer the following services to Metairie, LA and the surrounding areas.

FAQs about Pest Control in Metairie

Pelican Pest Control offers an array of pest control solutions and packages like one-time treatments, monthly treatments, and quarterly pest treatments.
We use bait stations and liquid treatments to address insect pest problems.

Some of the common signs of pest problems include;


  • Pest tracks
  • Pest nests and other evidence
  • Pest feces or droppings
  • Physical damage from pest activities

Recent Reviews

Pelican Pest Control
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E TuebnerE Tuebner
00:37 14 Feb 22
They come quarterly to spray for all sorts of insects. They are always very friendly and flexible with the scheduling of the service. I love using Pelican Pest Control.
charell speightcharell speight
01:43 13 Feb 22
Best customer service I've experienced in a long time. I feel valued as a customer. AND by the way, if you have a bug issue, they're on it! I'd recommend them to anyone who asked.
Lauren AndrewsLauren Andrews
19:06 10 Nov 21
I had a big problem I had never had before, and even talking with them put my mind at ease. Super friendly and knowledgeable. I have not had a single problem since and it’s been months. I highly recommend Pelican Pest Control!!
Bethany McIlwainBethany McIlwain
18:15 28 Oct 21
We found ants in our home in the bathrooms and our daughters room. We called Pelican Pest Control and they had a technician out the next day! Our technician, Anne, did one of the most thorough spraying jobs our home has ever had. She also placed ant traps in prime locations. She explained everything she was doing and was very kind and professional.I highly recommend this company. We will be using them for our future pest control needs!
Christen AllenChristen Allen
23:39 01 Sep 21
They are always on time and professional and fast! The prices are reasonable. We haven’t seen a mouse since we have been serviced by Pelican! Usually Anne services our home- the last time a very nice gentleman came and serviced the bait stations. He was professional and friendly. Thank you Pelican!

Helpful Metairie LA Pest Control Information

Pest problems can be devastating. Our team at Pelican Pest Control ensures that you are safe and protected from recurrent pest problems by identifying pest entry points. To deal with those pest entryways, we suggest a local convenience store where you can get the essential materials.

Metairie, LA Convenience Store

Keeping up with the Latest Local Metairie, LA News

Pelican Pest Control keeps you and the community abreast of the latest pest control information in the area. Our aim is to help you plan appropriately to prevent pest infestation and related problems.

Metairie, LA Pest Problems Rises

Metairie, LA has made it to the top 10 US cities with the worst pest problems. Metairie is recorded to have a composite index of 58.3, with at least 5.8% of homes dealing with pest problems. About 29.8% of Metairie households are battling cockroaches too.
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