Local Flea Exterminators for the Control of Fleas

Pets are probably the biggest spreaders of fleas. If you’ve had pets before, you’re most likely familiar with flea problems and how annoying they can be. In addition to being irritating to you and your pets, fleas are also known transmitters of several illnesses. Their minute size plus fast reproductive cycle makes it harder to control the pest problem on your own, and leaving a flea problem uncontrolled can put you and your pets at risk. Our Baton Rouge flea exterminator at Pelican Pest Control can help. We can save you from health problems caused by fleas, including allergic symptoms, illnesses, itching, and more. Our flea extermination service is tested and trusted to offer you peace of mind and restore control in your home or business.

If you have tried countless DIY flea control treatments but can’t seem to get rid of the problem, call Pelican Pest Control today.

Our local flea exterminator near you will schedule a convenient time to come to your home or business for an inspection. We offer a comprehensive inspection service to identify how far the problem has spread and to design the most effective control treatment for you. Once the inspection is complete, we offer you a quote for the flea control service in New Orleans or other parts of Louisiana, and schedule the most appropriate time for you to start the process.

You can trust that our pest exterminators will remain professional throughout the service. We will come to you on time on the set date and get the job done excellently. Our flea control treatment is comprehensive, leaving no stone unturned and no area untouched.

Professional Flea Control services near you

There’s no need to continue to live with a flea problem, especially knowing that they decline the quality of your life and put your health at risk. Whether your home or office has become a bed of fleas due to your pet or other reasons, we can help. Our local pest control services are designed specifically for you, to help restore control and improve the quality of your life.

Pelican Pest Control ensures that all of our services are effective and discreet. We know that there’s no need for others to know about your pest problem. Our flea control services exterminators will come on time, get the job done fast, and leave your home or business free from fleas.
Reach out to us via our phone line today and a representative will be with you shortly to plan your next pest control appointment. Live a pest-free life with help from Pelican Pest Control.

Best Flea treatment that works

Effectively getting rid of flea problems from your home or business requires experience and expertise. Our team at Pelican Pest Control can help. We use professional flea spray for homes, getting rid of the problem and ensuring that it never reoccurs. Our pest control professionals will spray all the nooks and crannies of your home to ensure complete protection from flea problems. We also offer ongoing support to customers to prevent a re-infestation.

FAQ about Flea Control Treatments

Call an exterminator as soon as you encounter a flea problem at home. If you have a pet, you may want to watch out for unusual activities like restlessness or bites. You may also need to pay attention to common signs like ankle bites, loss of hair, excessive scratching, flea dirt, welts and red skin, and others. If you are unsure of having a flea problem, contact Pelican Pest Control for a flea inspection.

You should do a couple of things ahead of your flea extermination appointment.

  • Destroy all pet bedding or wash in hot water.
  • Vacuum all carpeting, mop wood and tile floors, and clean the walls.
  • Dust, clean, and vacuum furniture. Pay attention to the areas between and under cushions.
  • Carefully dispose of vacuum cleaner bags to avoid re-infestation.
  • Strip and destroy all bed linens or wash them in hot water.
Flea extermination costs an average of $270. However, the cost may range between $75 and $400 depending on several factors like the service provider, size of the property, and extent of the flea problem.
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