Frequently Asked Questions




Are the products you use safe for our children & pets?

Yes! All of the products we use are registered with the EPA and when applied correctly are safe to use around pets and children. We recommend that your pets are kenneled during treatments until the products are thoroughly dried. We know how important your family’s health is.


Will I need to leave during the treatment?

You will not need to leave the premises during your treatments. The only exception to this is if we are performing a bed bug or interior flea treatment.


What pests are covered in the quarterly plan?

Ants, spiders, American and Asian Cockroaches, silverfish, earwigs, and solitary wasps. Exterior rodent prevention can be added to this plan.

While this plan does not cover German Cockroach infestations, fleas, bed bugs, small flies, mosquitos, stinging insect nests, termites and other wood destroying insects we do offer 20% off to our existing clients for these services.


What is the process to get rid of rodents that are inside of our attic/home?

We follow a three step process to eradicate rodent infestations. The first step is to identify & seal entry points. Next we will set traps in areas where activity has been noted. We will check those traps 1-2 times per week until activity has subsided. Lastly we will install exterior rodent bait stations around the perimeter of the home to prevent future infestations.


Why should we use a professional pest control company?

The number one reason is for yours and your loved ones safety. While all of the pest products that are sold in stores are safe when applied and used correctly in our experience most people do not read the label (instructions) and typically over-apply the amount needed. Also it is important to have the proper safety equipment when applying, The second reason is that using a professional will actually save you time and money and our trained technicians will be able to spot any possible infestations before they become a larger problem.


Our home had a termite inspection when we purchased it and there were no signs of termites, should we still have a termite treatment performed?

Absolutely. A termite inspection is not a “termite free” certificate. It only states that there are no visible signs of termites at that specific time. It is important to remember that termites eat our homes from the inside out and nn some scenarios they are not noticeable until it is much too late. Also once termites are inside they work very quickly which is why your termite inspection is only guaranteed for 30 days.


Why don’t you recommend just a one time service?

While a one time service can be helpful and will typically take care of the adult population of pests inside your home keep in mind most eggs will hatch 30-60 days later. We recommend follow up treatments to take care of recently hatched insects before they have time to reproduce. Our maintenance plans allow us to stay ahead of their life-cycle which will result in better control.


What areas do you service?

We service the Baton Rouge and New Orleans surrounding areas.


What happens if the pests come back before our next scheduled service?

If you see one of the pests covered under your plan in between services please let us know. You can reach us by phone at 225-424-2623. You can also email us at info@pelicanpestcontrol.com.


How will I be notified of our upcoming appointment? 

We will notify you by text and email 24-48 hours in advance of each scheduled visit. We will provide a 2 hour arrival window and our technicians are happy to let you know when they are on their way to your home.