Local Wasp Exterminators for the Control of Hornets and Wasps

Wasps and hornets aren’t the best visitors to have around your home or business. You stand a risk of being stung and facing the associated pain. Having wasps or hornets around your home or business calls for quick action. You need a Baton Rouge wasp control expert to come over as quickly as possible to identify the problem and recommend the following cause of action.

At Pelican Pest Control, we offer comprehensive pest removal solutions that keep your home and business pest-free. Trust our experienced exterminators to identify the type of pest problem you’re dealing with and design appropriate control solutions.

Contact us now if you’ve sighted wasps around your home or office. 

What To Know About Wasps And Hornets

  • Wasps and Hornets sting multiple times.
  • Hornets are large types of stinging wasps and can be dark red, dark yellow, black or orange.
  • Hornets are very aggressive and are more prone to sting.
  • Wasp stings are more likely to lead to painful red welts and skin irritation.
  • They eat dead insects and flies but can extend to almost anything, including meat.
  • They can either live solitarily or in colonies.
  • Wasps and hornets belong to the same family. The Wasp family also comprises paper wasps, yellowjackets, and mud daubers.

Signs Of A Wasps And Hornets Infestation


Wasps and hornets register their presence by flying around the building. If you’ve sighted a wasp or hornet around your home or office, call a wasp exterminator near me immediately. Leaving the problem unattended can cause more significant problems like an infestation.

Visible or Hidden Nests

Wasps and hornets are known to make shelters in the form of nests for themselves. If you’ve come across one or a series of nests on your property, contact our wasp control company in New Orleans or other parts of Louisiana as soon as possible. Visible nests are always on soffits, trees, poles, or other visible structures. The hidden nests may be found underground, under sidings, or inside soffits.

Professional Wasp Exterminator Near You

Looking for a company whose Pest control services cover wasps and hornet removal? Contact us at Pelican Pest Control. We offer residential and commercial wasp and hornets removal services.

Our residential wasps and hornet removal service covers:

Interior walls and floors
Fireplace and chimneys
Exterior walls, soffits, and roofs
Toolshed and garages
Light poles and surrounding trees
We also offer commercial wasp and hornet removal services suitable for restaurants, eateries, factories, offices, etc. Get in touch with us to enjoy quality extermination and wasp removal services at competitive prices.

Best Wasp Control Treatment That Works

Removing wasps and hornets from your home or business is a delicate task. Attempting a DIY removal can expose you to stings that can be painful and irritating to your skin. We advise leaving the task to our professionals. We offer an array of removal and control solutions perfect for the different types of situations on the ground. Whether you’ve sighted a solitary wasp or you’re being bothered by a colony of hornets, we have the right solution.

Our pest exterminators are on standby and ready to take your call. We come to you as quickly as possible, examine the problem, and recommend the best cause of action. We address the wasp control services problem and ensure that you won’t have to worry about it again. 

Wasp Nest Removal Services

Wasp nests are an indication that you’ve had this unwanted guest around for a while. We understand the risks associated with leaving wasp or hornet nests unattended. Our removal experts will come to you quickly to address the problem.

Our removal service is effective and comes with guarantees to keep you happy and satisfied. Our process to remove wasps is simple, call us! 

FAQ about Wasp Control Treatments

Keeping wasps away from your home may involve a combination of DIY and professional help. You can grow strong-scented plants for the DIY wasp control. You can also avoid brightly colored plants, keep uncovered food and drinks away from public spaces, use sugar and water traps, etc. On the other hand, you can also call a professional pest control company for help. 

Remove wasp nests about one month after treatment; This ensures that all wasps have had contact with the nest and have died from the applied chemical. 

You can call a wasp exterminator immediately after sighting a wasp on your property. The chances are high that it may be one of the many lurking around your home or office. 

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