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Are you searching to find a pest control company or termite control company in or near Baton Rouge to keep your home safe and free of pests like ants, termites, cockroaches, rodents or mosquitos?

Chances are if you have spent enough time in Baton Rouge you have heard the horror stories from a friend or family member of a termite, rodent, or pest infestation. The heat, rain and humidity we have here create a perfect breeding ground for pests to thrive. We know that your home is not only your largest investment it is also where you want to feel most comfortable. We are the pest control experts in Baton Rouge and we are ready to help you!


What are some of the most common pests found in Baton Rouge?

Subterranean termites like the Formosan termite are the most destructive pest we have here in Baton Rouge. This “super” termite causes billions of dollars in home damage annually. Their colony sizes reach into the millions and they don’t sleep! Once they are inside of our homes they almost undetectable, until it is too late. Formosan termites will typically swarm from late April through June. While these swarmers do not actually cause damage it is typically a sign that there is a colony nearby.

How can I prevent termites from damaging my Baton Rouge home?

The are a number of things that we recommend to keep your Baton Rouge home termite free.

  • Keep plants, mulch, and wood 1 to 2 feet away from the foundation of your home. Termites enter our homes by making mud tubes up the foundation, ofter entering through weep holes and other small openings.
  • Keeping the bottom 6-12 inches of your foundation visible will make it easy to inspect for termite mud tubes.
  • Repair any leaks immediately. Termites need moisture to survive and they are experts at finding it.
  • Have your home inspected annually by a termite professional
  • We strongly recommend having your home fully treated for termites every 5-7 years


How are Rodents getting into my Baton Rouge home?

Rats and mice are commonly found in and around homes and businesses in Baton Rouge. When left unchecked these small creatures can cause severe damage and spread harmful diseases. We often find that rats and mice have made their nests in the attics of homes. They typically enter through small holes around doorways, through openings like plumbing and electrical penetrations, and through roof gables and or damaged soffit and eaves. Rodent removal and extermination is typically a 3 step process. We will identify and seal the openings where the rats or mice are entering. The next step is to trap and remove any rodents that are inside. We will typically set traps in areas where activity has been noted and check the traps on a weekly basis until the activity has stopped. Lastly we will place exterior rodent bait stations around the property to prevent further infestations.


What other pests are common in Baton Rouge?

German Cockroaches are another common pest that invade Baton Rouge homes. German cockroaches or “roaches” are typically found in kitchens and bathrooms. They love to hide out inside of cabinets, under sinks and behind fridgerators, stoves, microwaves, coffee pots and deep freezers.

German Cockroaches are difficult to get rid of because they repopulate very quickly. Just when you think you have them under control a few days later BAM they are back! German cockroaches are typically introduced into homes from second hand furniture, boxes and packages and from items that are purchased at a grocery store. German Cockroaches are known to spread dangerous bacteria and viruses and are known to cause asthma attacks in children.


I think my pet brought fleas into my Baton Rouge house, how do I get rid of them?

Fleas are another common pests we deal with here in Baton Rouge, especially in the spring and summer. Once fleas are inside they can become a big problem really quickly! Many homeowners will attempt to eradicate their flea infestation with products purchased from big box stores. While most of those products can provide temporary relief very rarely will the completely eliminate the flea infestation. It is important that your pets are prescribed a veterinarian approved flea medications before having your home treated for fleas. We also recommend vacuuming your home daily for 2 weeks after your flea treatment.

We are a locally owned and operated company that was founded right here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We are proud to serve our Baton Rouge community and happy to do our part to keep our homes and businesses free of pests.

One of the most common questions we are asked is if our treatments are safe for children and pets. We pride ourselves on using the safest products available on the market. All of the products we use are registered with the EPA and all of our technicians are full trained how to safely apply them. We do this by making precise and targeted applications inside of homes. You will not find us applying products in areas that are not needed as this is not safe or effective.

When you reach out to Pelican Pest Control we promise to be considerate of your time. We offer convenient 2 hour arrival windows and we will always call and text you when your technician is in route. When we arrive to your home you can expect a trained professional to assist you with the pest problem you are dealing with. All of our technicians will come in a company vehicle and uniform and have the tools on hand to quickly stop or prevent any pest issue you might be dealing with. We also promise to be friendly and helpful. We know that having a pest issue can be very stressful and we will be attentive to your needs.


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  • Rodent Trapping and Removal
  • Bed Bug Control
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